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About me


Nina Kubratova Naidenova

Opera director


Nina Naydenova is one of the leading opera directors in Bulgaria. Her performances are played with success in the opera theaters in Plovdiv, Rousse, Bourgas, Varna and Stara Zagora, as well as in overseas tours in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and the United States.


She specialized in opera directing at LA SCALA, Milan and in film semiotics at the IULM Institute, Milan, Italy. She holds a Ph.D degree in the field of musical semiotics and a Master’s degree in opera direction at NBU. She has also specializations in the field of art management – “American Theater Models of Management” and “Management of Cultural Institutes”.


Nina Naydenova is an Associate Professor at the New Bulgarian University where she teaches opera directing, acting and art semiotics. Since October 2013, Nina Naidenova has been the General Manager of State Opera – Plovdiv. She is the winner of the Plovdiv Award 2015 for Music.

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